Overview Products

We not only provide the hollow fiber membrane module for users, but also offer the technical guidance and the after-sales service.
MOTIMO offers the more advanced and competitive products using PVDF, PES,PS, PAN and PE as required by different clients for different solutions. They are widely used in municipal, power ,steel and iron, petrochemical, spinning and weaving, food filed ,water supply industries and pharmacy removal, separation and concentration.

Advantages of MOTIMO’S ultra-low pressure core products
• The material is PVDF;
• Goodheat–resistance, high chemical stability and strong physio-mechanical capability;
• High anti-pollution, high acid and alkali resistance and strong oxidation resistance;
• High water flux in each membrane unit;
• low energy cost, long service life, low operating costs;
• The membrane fiber is a finger hole of asymmetry structure, has good ability of antipollution, and the deep-seat is not easy to be polluted.
• Higher efficiency of filtration,can effectively intercept bacteria, suspended particles and impurity ,and acquire filtration water of good quality.
• Outside-in filter type: saving cleaning water, long service life;
• Excellent quality, reaching advanced international standards, high cost-effectiveness


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