Continuous membrane Core technologies


Continuous membrane filtration (CMF) technology is one of the internationally leading membrane filtration technologies dealing with water purification. The CMF is based on hollow fibre ultrafiltration / microfiltration membrane module as the central processing unit, with specially designed piping, valves, self-cleaning unit, plus chemical dosing devices, forming a continuous closed-loop system.Raw water is drawn through the microfiltration / ultrafiltration membrane filters at a defined pressure for purification to achieve physical separation. Its core technology is the high-performance membrane modules of anti-pollution , matches with the unique membrane cleaning technology.
MOTIMO has the independent intellectual property rights on the integral technique ,21 patents ensure that our technologies and products have always been at the forefront of the world.



Raw water


Municipal sewage treatment and re-use

STP second class producing water

Landscape, irrigation, industrial production, toilet flushing and vehicles cleaning water

Industrial waste water’s deep treatment and re-use

STP second class producing water,
Circulating and cooling industrial water

Make industry process water process water,cooling and circulating water etc.

Industrial water treatment

Ground water or surface water

Make industry process water


Sea water and other water needs desalination

Sea water desalination, pure water, hyperpure water, desalted water for industrial process etc.

Supply processing

Ground water or surface water

Municipal water supply treatment

Residential water

Tap water

Drinking water purification


  • High anti-pollution of polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) membrane materials,antioxidation, fouling resistant, easy to wash
  • high flux, producing a stable effluent, and has a long service life
  • Simple device control, the system can run automatically,and can possibly be controlled remotely
  • Unique online air–water backwashing methodology, excellent recovery rate of flux, lower self-expense water cost
  • Covers an small area, compact modular design for the size of the difference in treatment
  • Ultra-low-pressure operation, energy-saving
  • Industrial chemicals can be used to clean the system, and save the  running costs
  • high water quality, high water recovery rate, effective water-saving

 CMF System Process

To eliminate the membrane pollution, renew membrane flux, after running for some periods, it needs CEB or CIP chemical cleaning.

 System Componets

Pretreatment system

Since clean strainer

airing system

compressor,Air tank

water supply system

water conveying pump

Dosing system

Dosing pump,Dosing cans

Host system

Membrane module machines

Cleaning system

chemicals,Cleaning pump,Wash tank

backwash system

Reverse-wash pump
Reverse-wash cans

Control systems

PLC,Control cabinet

 Engineer Application & Reprsentative Cases:



Raw water

Scale T/D


Municipal wastewater plant inTianjin


Municipal sewage
Second class producing water


Domestic water

A Iron and Steel Company


wastewater Second class producing water


Domestic water

A Cashmere Group in Inner-Mongolian


Wool washing +
printing and dyeing wastewater Second class producing water


Domestic water

A Power Plant


Cooling circulating water


Cooling circulating

A Tap Water Company in Jiangsu


Surface water


Drinkiing water

A electronic company


Tap water



 We Can Provide For Users:
• CMF technical advice
• CMF application engineering design
• CMF membrane equipment’s processing and manufacturing
• CMF application engineering construction, equipment installation and debugging
• CMF system operation and management and after-sales service 



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