Membrane bioreactor Core technologies


Membrane Bio-Rector (MBR ) is a new wastewater treatment technology which combines membrane separation technology with the activated sludge process. It is a modern and efficient water treatment system, which can meet the growing demand of industrial and municipal sewage treatment.MOTIMO has the completely independent intellectual property rights of this technique.


Type of use

Raw water


Municipal sewage treat and reuse

Municipal sewage

Raising standard remake, landscape, garden green, irrigation, miscellaneous water

Building water reuse

Building domestic sewage

Toilet flushing and garden greening water

Industrial wastewater treatment and reuse

Industrial wastewater

Raising standard remake,
miscellaneous water
Miscellaneous water

refuse landfill sewage treatment

garbage percolate

Reaching the discharge standard

    •  High concentrations of activated sludge improves removal of organic material 
    •  Effective and high removal rate of ammonia and nitrogen
    •  Highly efficient removal of various microbes or pathogens
    •  Suspended solids and turbidity are close to zero, therefore can be reused directly
    •  Low rate of sludge production, reducing the cost of sludge processing 
    •  50% footprint saving compared with the traditional wastewater treatment plant 
    •  Flexible membrane cassette allows convenient assembly and maintenance of the modules 
    • Low energy consumption, simple cleaning, low-cost operation

 MBR System Process

To eliminate the membrane pollution, renew membrane flux, after running for some periods, it needs backwash,CEB or on-line(off-line) chemical cleaning.

System Componets

Pretreatment system

Fine grating

backwash system

Backwash pump,backwash tank

Producing water system

Producing water pump,producing water tank

Dosing system

Dosing pump, dosing tank

Membrane unit system

membrane module ,membrane frames

Cleaning system

chemicals,cleaning pump,cleaning tank



Control systems

PLC, control cabinet

 Engineer Application & Reprsentative Cases:



Raw water

Scale T/D


Some industrial garden in


Comprehensive sewage


Miscellaneous water

Some MSG group in Hebei


MSG  wastewater


Manufacture  water

Some petrochemical company in Sichuan


PTA wastewater


Cooling circulating water

 We Can Provide For Users:
•  MBR technical advice
•  MBR application engineering design
•  MBR membrane equipment’s processing and manufacturing
•  MBR application engineering construction, equipment installation and debugging
•  MBR system operation and management and after-sales service




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