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Tianjin MOTIMO Membrane Technology Co., Ltd. is an industrial high-tech chain enterprise offering the R&D of membrane material and membrane process, the production of membrane module, the manufacture of membrane equipment, the engineering design and construction and operation management , With a history of 38 years in scientific and technological research, Tianjin MOTIMO company has the complete innovation system of membrane technology at home . MOTIMO is the national demonstration base of  high-tech industrialization, and the national enforcement unit of the major 863 plan’s projects of hollow fiber membrane during the “11th Five-Year” Plan period  . MOTIMO becomes one of the 35 major implementation units of Tianjin on the independent  and innovative industrialization projects.


Motimo is the manufacturer of UF and MF. We have one of the largest manufacture bases in Asia.We supply the hollow fiber UF and MF membrane element and equipment to clients.

Our membranes, equipments and systems are widely used in the treatment of municipal wastewater and industrial water i.e. power plant, steel, textile, domestic, petrochemical, food, drinking water, pre-treatment of sea water and other industries.

Our products have been exported to more than 20 countries and over 200 projects have been operated steadily with our membranes. At the end of 2011, more than 2,600,000m3/d water was produced by our membranes.

We have 38 -year experience in R&D and have a national key R&D laboratory. We have independent intellectual property rights and ISO and NSF certifications.

MOTIMO will be striving to meet these environmental and commercial challenges. Tianjin MOTIMO will provide a full range of membrane technology , contribute to renewing water resources, and make use of science and technology to benefit the human society.



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