For treating second water tianjin JiZhuangzi Projects


JiZhuangzi reuse water treatment project for purification the second water from JiZhuangzi WWTP started in 2010.
The SMF project is designed largely to reuse the original sand filter, which means no new workshop building is needed and most of the original tanks and pipes can be modified and reused in the new project. Only 1/3 original tanks were modified as SMF membrane tanks, but the capacity increases from 30000 m3/d to 53200 m3//d. When the second phase of SMF is completed, the project capacity can reach 80000 m3/d.
From the project operation, the permeation quality and membrane characteristic are satisfying. MOTIMO’s good production and excellent after-sales service have won the social praise.

 Scope of Work
MOTIMO has undertaken and completed SMF system and RO system design, equipment installation and commissioning.




 SMF Membrane Parameters




Membrane style

Hollow fiber membrane

Filtration style




Hollow fiber inside diameter

0.6 mm

Hollow fiber outside diameter

1.1 mm

Adhesive material

Epoxy resin

Membrane area

35 m2

Pore size

0.03 μm


Permeate turbidity

≤0.2 NTU


≤1 mg/L



 SMF Operation Parameters

Operation Parameters

Designed water flux for secondary sedimentation tank (20 °C)

1.4 m3/h·module ~
2.1 m3/h·module

Trans membrane pressure

5 kPa~80 kPa

Temperature range

5~45 °C

Acidity and alkalinity range

pH 2~10

Operation style

Dead-end filtration

Process Parameters

Filtration period

20 min~60 min

Backwash style

Air scrubbing + Water backwash

Air flux

2.5~5 m3/h·module

Water flux

2~3 m3/h·module

Air scrubbing time

20 s~60 s

Water backwash time

20 s~60 s

CEB period

24 h~48 h

CIP period

20 d~40 d

Flux and TMP of a SMF Tank In Operation

Turbidity of Raw Water and Permeate Water

SMF membrane tank
Membrane modules
Backwash and aeration




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